The Boalt Hall Women’s Association advocates for and supports women both on campus and in our local community. We work toward advancing opportunities for all women by providing a forum to discuss relevant issues in the Boalt community, and by encouraging activism. The following pillars are the foundation of the organization:

Through leadership development opportunities we support women in their continued growth as leaders while in law school and after. We hope to inspire, encourage, and prepare all women students to take a proactive role in work that advances the rights of women.

We work to facilitate an ongoing, informed dialogue on the issues of law, women, and society. We want to ensure a safe space for the exchange of diverse ideas and opinions both inside and outside the classroom. We see lifelong learning as essential to being informed, engaged citizens and take an active role in our own continued education on issues of importance to women. By promoting and supporting enlightened conversation, we hope to continue to advance the rights of women and create awareness of the wide range of issues faced by women today.

We see ourselves as part of a greater community and are committed to issues affecting women, both locally and globally. As advocates for all women, we will foster connections with a wide range of community organizations.

We take a holistic approach to women’s issues, cutting across all identities and backgrounds. Our goal is to infuse our appreciation for diversity into everything we do. We are committed to fostering a fully inclusive campus community, enriched by persons of different races, gender identities, ethnicities, nationalities, economic backgrounds, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, political beliefs, professional aspirations and spiritual values.

We are a committed to maintaining a comfortable, supportive, and engaging community atmosphere for all women at Boalt Hall and providing ongoing academic and professional support to women in our community. In maintaining a physical space for women, we invite and encourage a true fellowship among and between individual women at Boalt. In promoting awareness of a wide range of issues affecting women in our various communities, we hope to contribute to a larger sense of solidarity and community among all women at Boalt and beyond.